Lunch Wraps 1-2-3

Wraps are always a good lunch box idea, not just because they aren’t as messy as sandwiches and fit neatly in tight space, but because the filling ideas are endless, so your child will never get bored. Paired with low-fat string cheese and an orange, this hummus and veggie wrap is a healthy, balanced meal for any age.

Get creative and quick with these other lunch time wrap inspirations:

  • Nut butter and banana were made for a whole wheat wrap.
  • Add sweet potato, black beans (with a dash of cumin and salt), and spinach to a whole wheat or spinach wrap.
  • Low-fat cheese, mustard, and tomato is great on a tomato wrap.
  • Avocado, white beans, tomatoes, and low-fat cheese on a whole wheat wrap make for a tasty lunch. Experiment with spices on your beans for more flavor!
  • Add barbecue sauce to jackfruit and put in a whole wheat wrap with avocado and shredded carrots and red cabbage for a crunchy, healthy treat.
  • Grill tofu and put in a spinach wrap with peanut sauce and shredded carrots and red cabbage.  You can make your own simple peanut sauce by mixing soy sauce, all natural peanut butter, and a little agave syrup.

How else does your family like to eat wraps?