Education Programs

K-5 Program

Each lesson begins with a Vitamin Bee® episode. Students are exposed to fun facts, nutrition information, history, and recipes. Our episodes inspire and motivate kids to engage the lesson plan and are the basis of our multimedia approach.

The Vitamin Bee® Education Program includes:

Fun, fact-filled videos made to educate and entertain.

Puzzles, spelling, history, math, matching, and more, all centered around healthy food education.

Each teachers edition contains our recommendations for running our program, as well as K-5 answer keys for the quizzes and activity sheets contained in the student workbooks.

We offer supplemental educational material, digital color books, games, recipes, gardening projects, sing-along songs, reading recommendations, learning links, and more!

Vitamin Bee will be your partner! We offer co-sponsored materials for special events and can support your efforts on our website and with social media.

After School Program

The Vitamin Bee® After-School Nutrition Education Program consists of five key components. Our simple goal is to use multi-media and hands-on experiences to engage and edit our students about making healthy choices for themselves. Each lesson can be completed in 1 hours time, however we recommend breaking the lesson into two 30 minute parts.

These are the five components for each lesson:

Each lesson starts off with a fun, fact-filled video to get kids excited about the subject matter.

This gives the instructor an opportunity to ask students what they learned from the video, as well as cite other notable nutrition facts.

A very important component to learning is a hands on experience. Our program gets kids to try new fruits and veggies, make edible art, plant their own flowers, drawing exercises, and experience interactive games with other students that educate and stimulate.

Based on the lesson, these hand-outs challenge students on developmental skill sets like memory, math, writing, fine motor skills and reading comprehension.

This turns learning into doing by giving students a yummy way to create healthy snacks at home based on the most current lesson.

Terms and Pricing

  • Full School Year Program

    This program runs for 30 weeks and includes workshops, videos, online extras, and teachers’ editions.

  • 1/2 School Year Program

    This program runs for 16 weeks and includes workshops, videos, online extras, and teachers’ editions.

  • After School Program

    This program includes a minimum of 8 interactive exercises, activity sheets and supplemental material customized to meet your educational goals.

  • Pricing

    Average cost is between $5.50 to $9 per student, depending on the program.