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Vitamin Bee TV - Feed A BeeFeed a Bee

Feed a Bee is a major initiative from Bayer to increase food for honey bees and other pollinators by planting more flowers and establishing additional forage acreage. Working with individuals and organizations across various sectors, Feed a Bee will help to provide pollinators with the diverse forage and habitat they need to thrive. Whether you own acres of land or just a flower pot on your back deck, you can help improve bee health by planting bee-attractant flowers that supply bees with pollen and nectar. Visit to find out more about ongoing activities, educational resources, an interactive map tracking the success of Feed a Bee plantings.

As a partner with Vitamin Bee, Feed a Bee provides educational resources for children and educators across the US through hands on activities and educational videos on the topics of pollination, preservation, honey production and how to feed a bee!

Vitamin Bee TV - Del Monte®Del Monte

Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just cutting calories to lose weight or taking the stairs. It is about paying attention to the benefits individual foods and nutrients provide for our body. It is also about developing a regular schedule of physical activity that includes family and friends, whether it is playing soccer with the kids or walking the dog through the neighborhood. Healthy living is truly a way of life that brings quality to our lives.

At Del Monte Foods, Inc., we encourage Americans to live healthier lives. We enable families to gather together around the table to enjoy healthy, great tasting and convenient meals.

Vitamin Bee TV - YMCA®YMCA

We know that lasting personal and social change comes about when we all work together. That’s why at the Y, strengthening community is our cause.  Every day, we work side-by- side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. 

Vitamin Bee is involved in the YMCA After-School enrichment program at 13 schools in the Los Angeles area.

Vitamin Bee TV - Healthy Weight Commitment FoundationHealthy Weight Commitment Foundation

Obesity is a complex, multi-factorial problem. To solve childhood obesity within a generation, all stakeholders—schools, parents, corporations, government, communities, health care providers, and non-governmental organizations—must individually and collectively develop and implement new initiatives that provide children and families with the tools and information they need to create and maintain healthy habits for life.

The Valley HiveThe Valley Hive

We are dedicated to providing all bee enthusiasts in Southern California with a hive of their own.  We are here to educate, sell high quality beekeeping products, provide extraordinary service customized to your needs, and share the passion we have for the bees.

We are bee lovers. Equally, we love beekeepers. Anyone who is as enthralled as we are about bees deserves a place to learn about them, acquire quality equipment to take care of them, and the service to guide you for as long as you need. Not all bee situations are the same, nor are all people. Custom tailored solutions to managing the bees in your apiary, whether at an orchard or a back yard, are what we specialize in.


To promote active, healthy, sustainable lifestyles and behaviors in the home, school and workplace.


UCPSUnion County Public Schools

The Vitamin Bee® Nutrition Education Program is being utilized by 31 K-5 schools in the Union County, North Carolina area.