Geoffrey has been in the animation and visual effects industry for nearly 20 years and currently owns S4 Studios in Los Angeles, founded 1999. He has designed and directed projects for television, animated series, movie titles and visual FX for clients like Disney, NBC Universal, Paramount and Sony Computer Entertainment. Geoffrey has written 3 books on animation, lectured at animation schools and currently teaches motion graphics and compositing at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, CA.

It was always Geoffrey’s goal to create an animated series that was both educational and serve the greater good of our society. Vitamin Bee, LLC. was founded with that thought in mind.  Vitamin Bee, LLC. entertains and educates through great videos, original music and exciting activities. Its mission is to leave a long lasting impression of good eating habits and healthy choices that kids & parents will use for their entire lives.  Having built his ultimate team, Geoffrey has already made in-roads with schools, brands and community organizations, and this gives him the longevity and sustainability that he seeks with Vitamin Bee™. You can visit S4 Studios at:

Screen Writers

Philip Buchbinder & Jaime Michelle Capone met while studying at the famed comedy institution, The Second City. Later, they established their own sketch comedy troupe and performed at various venues in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

They have worked with Goldie Hawn’s Cosmic Entertainment, Dustin Hoffman’s Punch Productions, Michael Ovitz’s APG, and David Dobkin’s Big Kid Productions. And, the two short films they wrote and produced have screened at the “24 Hour Film Festival.” In addition, they have contributed to The Beverly Hills Weekly and Sounds LA.

Voices Actors

America’s Top Husband and Wife Voiceover Team – The Voiceover Dynamic Duo…Grant George and Jessica Gee-George Can be heard everywhere! From popular animation series, top selling video games, talking interactive toys, blockbuster feature films, prime time TV commercials, tons of radio spots, network promos, trailers, to celebrity voice-matching. This team oozes chemistry. Their desire to make a positive impact in the lives of children extends way beyond lending their voices. They have both given countless volunteer hours to Big Brothers & Big Sisters, School on Wheels, New Directions for Youth, Gang Intervention programs, At-Risk Camps, and the DCFS Foster/Adopt program. They live in Los Angeles with their 2 beautiful sons. To learn more about them, log onto


Chief Web Designer


As an art director and graphic designer, Graham has a 20 year career in designing everything from educational content for Mead to leading visual corporate campaigns for Bank of America. Graham has a design style that is approachable, visual, educational and infectious…a perfect combination of skills utilized on a daily basis for the upkeep and design of the Vitamin Bee website and to create educational materials for the Vitamin Bee Nutrition Education Program.

He believes the greatest thing you can do to help our society is to teach our kids “how to learn”, giving them the necessary tools to think for themselves and make good life choices.


Vanessa is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s in Public Health. She has over a decade of professional and personal experience promoting healthy living and nutritious eating to youth and their families. She has worked extensively with community outreach programs, providing nutrition education to numerous public elementary schools in under-served areas throughout Seattle. As a mom to 4 busy (and hungry) bees, she has opportunities every day to continually develop and sharpen her skills to help kids make healthier choices.

Social Media “Buzzer”

Sarah Levin is a social media marketer and fruit and vegetable enthusiast who makes a mean baked head of cauliflower (it’s the bee’s knees). With a background in PR and writing, Sarah has worked on multiple campaigns and projects having to do with food and family. Also, having formerly been a teacher, Sarah is happy to be able to support Vitamin Bee’s quest to educate children and spread the buzz about healthy eating habits. She also grew up around bees (her father kept bees as a hobby), so Sarah and Vitamin Bee get along just fine!